Friday, December 18, 2009

Judicial Chambers Extern at the Court of Appeals


Judge J. Robin Hunt at the Court of Appeals, Division II, is seeking applicants now for full-time, one semester chambers judicial externship positions for Summer 2010 (beginning interviewing in December), Fall 2010, Spring 2011, and Summer 2011. A student participating in a full-time externship will receive 15 credits for fall or spring semesters and 8 credits for summer semester, equivalent to a full course load. Only third year students may participate in a full-time externship, thus current second year students are encouraged to apply (2).

As an extern for Judge Hunt you will have the opportunity to strengthen your research, writing, and analysis skills through a variety of projects covering a wide range of legal issues. Whether drafting prehearing memoranda and opinions, performing research for the judge, preparing dissenting opinions, or assisting in preparation for oral arguments, you will have fun meeting new people, learning the appellate process, and spending a semester putting your legal skills to use.

At Division II, externs are highly valued. You will be assigned challenging and thought-provoking projects that will deepen your understanding of the law and provide an invaluable learning experience. Judges and clerks alike will rely on you and include you in every facet of the appellate process. An externship at Division II will be a perfect complement to your law school experience and will enhance your probability of passing the bar exam upon graduation. Further, an externship is an excellent opportunity for those who wish to clerk after graduating (3).

To find out if you are eligible for a full-time externship, please first contact Externship Program Director Gillian Dutton. You can go on TWEN and sign up under “Appointments with Externship Director” or email questions to If you are interested in applying for a chambers extern position with Judge Hunt, please prepare a cover letter, résumé, writing sample, and references for:

Judge Robin Hunt
Court of Appeals, Division II
950 Broadway, Suite 300
Tacoma, WA 98402

All materials should be sent directly to the externship office where they will be immediately forwarded on to Judge Hunt. For the period between December 24 and January 1 when the Seattle University Law School will be closed, please mail materials directly to Judge Hunt with a copy to the Externship Program.

Judge Hunt’s judicial administrative assistant, Margie Laketa, can answer any questions you might have. Her number is 253-593-2970.

(1) This ad was drafted by an actual extern, Alicia Hunsaker, Judicial Extern for The Hon. J. Robin Hunt, Court of Appeals, Div 2, August-December 2009, SU 3L. All information is highly accurate.

(2) Contrary to popular opinion, the commute to Tacoma is rarely over 40 minutes and is opposite rush hour. Also, buses leave downtown Seattle regularly and carpools are easy to form with other externs and court clerks. The Court also provides free on-site parking.

(3) Generally, former judicial externs comprise between one-third and one-half of the court’s full-time paid law clerks.