Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2011 Global Grants Program

This program supports new initiatives that will make an ongoing contribution to the global mission of Seattle University. The primary focus is on 1) developing models and programs for experiential international learning both locally and internationally and on 2) capacity-building for SU faculty to develop these skills in our students. Experiential international learning gives students hands-on, practical experience so that they develop the capabilities to understand and adapt to an international environment, such as service learning, applied projects, and internships. These grants are made possible by a generous donor. This program is coordinated by the Office of Global Engagement and the Global Advisory Team, a committee of representatives from each college and across the campus.

Awards granted in this period will be available for the spring and summer terms of 2011. A total of $50,000 is available. There is no fixed amount for each grant, though the cost and number of students impacted will be a criteria for decisions.

Applications are due by January 31st. A copy of the necessary application form (which includes additional program details) will be attached to the upcoming CPD newsletter. Questions about the program can be directed to Janet Dickson.