Friday, November 2, 2012

White House Fellows Program Information Session

The Nation’s Premier Program on Leadership and Public Service

Date: November 8, 2012
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.
Place: 61st Floor, Columbia Center, 701 Fifth Avenue, Seattle, WA
Featuring former White House Fellows and Seattle attorneys: The Honorable Margaret McKeown, Judge, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (1980-81)*; Jay Reich, Partner, Pacifica Law Group (1979-80)*; and Nelson Dong, Partner, Dorsey & Whitney LLP (1978-79) [* by video].

The White House Fellows Program, founded in 1964 by President Lyndon Johnson at the
suggestion of his Health, Education and Welfare Secretary John W. Gardner, is America's most
prestigious program for leadership and public service, offering exceptional men and women firsthand experience working at the highest levels of the federal government. White House Fellows
typically spend a year working as full-time, paid special assistants to senior White House Staff,
the Vice President, Cabinet Secretaries and other top-ranking government officials. Fellows also
participate in a once-in-a-lifetime education program consisting of off-the-record, roundtable
discussions with renowned leaders from the private and public sectors, and take trips to study
leaders and policy in action both domestically and internationally. Fellowships are awarded on a
strictly non-partisan basis.

The program has fostered a legacy of leadership, with nearly 600 alumni who are respected
leaders in a variety of fields and professions. Alumni include former Secretary of State Colin
Powell, Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, General Wesley Clark, Senator Sam Brownback, former
CNN President Tom Johnson, Levi Strauss & Co CEO Robert Haas, former NBC Chairman Jane
Pfeiffer, Wall St. Journal Editorial Page Editor Paul Gigot, CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, former
Senator Tim Wirth, former National Security Advisor Robert McFarlane, former President of the
MIT Corporation Dana Mead, Court of Appeals Judges Deanell Tacha and Margaret McKeown, and
author Doris Kearns Goodwin.

About the Fellows Application Process
Access to the online applications is available on Thursday, November 1, 2012. Applications
must be postmarked by 5:59 pm on Tuesday, January 15, 2013, for the 2012-13 Class. The
program commences in September of each year. Applicants must be U.S. citizens and employees
of the Federal government are not eligible unless they are career military personnel. There are
no age restrictions; however the program was created to give remarkable young Americans this
experience while they were early to mid-career. Applicants must have completed their
undergraduate studies and be working in their chosen professions at the time of consideration.
For more information about the program, to view an informational film, and to download an
application, please visit the program website at, or call the
program office at (202) 395-4522.