Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Goldmark Internship

Applications are now being accepted for the Goldmark Internship program.


The program is named for Charles A. Goldmark, the Foundation’s second president at his untimely death in January 1986. Chuck was a firm believer in, and a forceful advocate for, equal access to the justice system. The internship was created as a tribute to Chuck and to encourage young lawyers to emulate his ardent commitment. The Goldmark Equal Justice Internship is made possible by a matching grant from the Goldmark Family Foundation.

“Chuck believed that it is the responsibility of each of us, in our own way, to try to improve some aspect of our society beyond ourselves. To leave our society just a little bit better than we found it when we arrived here. He believed that, as a lawyer, he could accomplish this. Chuck practiced what he believed.”
Kevin Kelly, Foundation President 1997

BACKGROUND: The Unemployment Law Project (ULP) provides legal representation to unemployed workers of Washington State who have been denied unemployment benefits or whose right to those benefits is challenged.

POSITION: A “total immersion” experience, the legal intern will work with ULP staff on all levels of client assistance, including client intake interviews, case review, representation at administrative hearings, written appeals to the Commissioner of the Employment Security Department, and possible appeals to the Superior Courts and Courts of Appeal.

ELIGIBILITY: The internship is open to law students who have completed their second year prior to the summer of 2014 and to recent law school graduates. The successful candidate will display proficiency in case review and identification of issues, excellent writing abilities and have client intake experience. Although being Rule 9 qualified is not a requirement, being so might open up additional advocacy opportunities.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Interviewing on average two to four potential clients a week, the intern will prepare for and represent clients at an average of one to three hearings a week, as well as meet each of those clients, in person or telephonically, at a pre-hearing conference in preparation for each hearing. The intern will be responsible for identifying the legal issues in assigned cases, researching applicable law, and formulating a written theory of both the client’s and the employer’s case.

SUPERVISION: Following three half-day trainings, the intern will observe several hearings and assist with hearings before taking on the primary advocate role in an administrative hearing. At a minimum, a staff attorney or the director will attend the intern’s first two hearings, and provide the intern with feedback regarding the hearings. Interns are monitored closely throughout their training and during the course of their internship and provided daily feedback and a written evaluation at the completion of the internship.

DURATION: A ten-week internship scheduled at the convenience of both ULP and the intern between May and August 2014.

SALARY: The intern will receive a stipend of $8,000 for the ten-week internship.

HOUSING & The intern is responsible for securing housing and paying all living

TRANSPORTATION: and transportation expenses for the duration of the internship

REPORTING: The intern and the program will deliver a final written report to LFW by November 1, 2014 on the outcomes gained from the internship.

Please see Symplicity posting for application details.