Friday, September 6, 2013

Find a Job Series

CPD is launching a brand-new series centering on navigating the ever-changing legal job market. Every Thursday, from noon until 1:00, we will present a different panel focusing on a different aspect of the job hunt, and will be bringing in a variety of speakers to share their stories and experiences. These events are not to be missed! You can sign up for all of them in Symplicity, under the Events section.

Can you land a position that will allow you to
serve your community? YES YOU CAN!!

Thursday, September 19 • Noon - 1 p.m. • Room C5

Lawyers from the government, private practice, and non-profit sectors will share the path
they took to succeed in developing a career focused on Social Justice. Come explore how
you can:
• work in the private sector and serve your community through your work
• differentiate yourself in a super competitive job market
• gain the experience, establish the contacts, and take the classes that will help you
be “practice ready” as a public interest attorney

Three attorneys who took very different routes will provide paths to success and share their
insights on how they landed a position that they consider a “DREAM JOB”.

Stephan Thomas, King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office
Andra Kranzler, Columbia Legal Services
Meghan Casey, Villacorta & Bailey Law, P.S

Stories from the Trenches: Learn the secrets of networking
your way to job search success

Thursday, September 26 • Noon - 1 p.m. • Room C5

The overwhelming majority of jobs will never get posted on traditional job search sites.
Many positions are filled by word-of-mouth and through personal referrals.

• How can you be the person that gets recommended for a highly coveted job that no
one knows about?
• What methods are most effective to build relationships within the legal and business
• How can you make strong contacts when you hate to network?
• Three alums who landed incredible positions and are thriving will share their
experiences and stories of how they landed in positions by developing amazing
advocates in the community.

Maria Leininger, Political Director at DelBene for Congress
Kripa Upadhyay, Orbit Law, PLLC
Kelly Turner, Lane Powell

Beyond Traditional: What I do and how I landed 
Thursday, October 3 • Noon - 1 p.m. • Room C5

A law degree is highly beneficial in a number of fields related to the practice of law, and can
open doors beyond the traditional lawyer route. Whether you know early that you don’t
want to practice law after graduation, or just want to explore other ways to use your degree
down the road, a law degree can open doors to new opportunity.

• Are there really positions that value the J.D. where I do not have to practice law?
• What are they and how do I find them?
• How do I determine whether my skills, abilities, and personality may be a fit with this
position, and how can I make myself a more competitive candidate?

Three attorneys who took very different paths and are thriving in their careers will share just
how they did it.
Helen Stocklin-Enright, Practice Technology Services Consultant at Perkins Coie
Jihan Caskey, Senior Estate Settlement Specialist, Wells Fargo Private Bank
Joe Polito, Development Associate at Touchstone Corporation

Litigation or Transactional: A Nuts and Bolts Discussion
Thursday, October 10 • Noon - 1 p.m. • Room C5

Most lawyers in private practice focus on either transactional work or litigation, but what
does that mean?

• What does litigation look like? What does a transactional attorney really do? And
what’s the difference?
• How can I determine what may be a good fit for my skills, values, and personality?
• What can I do in law school to set myself up for a career in litigation or transactional?

Three practitioners will share which path they chose and why.

Amanda Rose, Fenwick & West
Carrie Hobbs, Perkins Coie
Tim Jones, Pepple Cantu Schmidt

Two unique stories of attorneys successfully pursuing
their passion and how they did it

Thursday, October 24 • Noon - 1 p.m. • Room C5

Two incredible attorneys will share their career development experiences.
• Twyla Carter, a public defender with The Defender Association will share how she found
her calling, the highs she has gone through, and the very real lows as well as her efforts
to make herself one of the most highly respected public defenders in the state.
• Brian Howe will share how he found a passion for Social Entrepreneurship and pursued
it with such purpose and vision that it led to the founding of Impact Hub Seattle,
( the Seattle meeting place for Social Entrepreneurship.