Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Apply Now to Join the 2015 Ms. JD Academic Committee

Interested in learning more about the law review community? Believe in the importance of diversity on law reviews? Want to work with Ms. JD and the NYU Law Review?

Apply now to join the 2015 Ms. JD Academic Committee!

Ms. JD's Academic Committee and NYU Law Review are launching the 2015 Law Review Diversity Survey. This is a unique opportunity to gain outreach experience with the legal academy, inviting members of law review editorial boards throughout the country to participate in this important and distinguished survey.
  • Anticipated start date for this volunteer opportunity is late May 2015
  • Time commitment is approximately 10-15 hours in May, with the possibility of an additional (likely, much smaller) time commitment during the summer
    • Volunteers' individual schedules can be accomodated
    • If the candidate desires, this can potentially be made into a full-time volunteer position - Ms. JD has a list of other exciting projects they may need help with
  • To learn more about Ms. JD, visit www.ms-jd.org
  • To learn more about this specific volunteer opportunity, email academicdirector@ms-jd.org
To apply, send your resume and letter of interest by 5:00 pm EST on Friday, May 1, 2015 to academicdirector@ms-jd.org.