Monday, June 19, 2017

Hot Tip: How to End a Conversation at a Networking Event

You did it! You conquered your fears, went to a networking event, and struck up a conversation with an attorney you'd never met before. 

Now what?

You've been chatting with a helpful lawyer for eight minutes (but who's counting?) and she's told you about her practice areas and given you some tidbits for surviving your second year of law school, you've even managed to work in your elevator pitch, but now you feel the conversation starting to wind down. How do you end it gracefully?

Don't panic. This is the perfect opportunity to hand her one of your business cards and ask for hers in return. A simple handshake accompanied by an exit phrase like, "I've enjoyed speaking with you and hope to run into you again soon," will suffice. 

If you're worried about making an exit, practice. Here are some other exit phrases you can try:
  • Thanks for taking a moment to chat with me, [insert name (this is a great way to help you remember names)]. I hope our paths cross again soon.
  • It's been a pleasure meeting you. I spotted my mentor and should go say 'hello' but I hope we can speak again some time.
  • It's been really helpful learning more about [insert practice area]! Thanks for taking some time to speak with me. Take care.
With practice, these conversations will feel more and more comfortable. Reach out to someone in CPD if you'd like coaching. Let's get out there and NETWORK!