Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Serve on the WA AtJ Board’s Law School Relations Committee

WA Access to Justice Board’s Law School Relations Committee

Position Sought: Committee Member (volunteer)

Open to: All law students – 1Ls and 2Ls are strongly encouraged to apply.

Time commitment: Students are expected to serve on committee for at least one year.

Application process: No application is necessary but if you are interested, please let Allison Durazzi know about your interest and when you would be able to join.

Contact: Allison Durazzi, WSBA Justice Programs Coordinator, allisond@wsba.org or (206) 733-5942.

The ATJ Law School Relations Committee seeks law student members. The Committee fosters collaboration among Alliance members and law schools to ensure that every law student in the state has an understanding of the importance of public interest law, familiarity with the Alliance for Equal Justice community, an opportunity to work with Alliance members in some capacity as a student, an appreciation for the work that is being done on behalf of low-income clients, and a commitment to support the Alliance's work in some capacity after law school. This unique committee is comprised of GU, SU and UW law students, faculty and staff working alongside staff and volunteers from the Washington State Alliance for Equal Justice. This committee offers students an opportunity to work closely with their future colleagues in the Alliance for Equal Justice on important projects that ultimately benefit low income clients in our communities.

Students are needed to actively participate in the committee and subcommittees which include the Fellowships subcommittee and the Outreach Subcommittee. If you have any questions about the Committee, contact Diana Singleton, Director, Access to Justice Institute at singletd@seattleu.edu.