Tuesday, June 8, 2010

OCI Now Live on Symplicity

The OCI information is now available for student viewing on Symplicity. Simply log in and click on the "OCI" tab to review a list of employers participating this year. The list is divided up by session. You can choose which session to view (Session 1, Session 2, or Session 3) by selecting from the drop-down menu in the Search box. To see more information about a particular employer, as well as their hiring criteria, click "Review."

Bidding (or the application period) will not begin until August 2nd. Instructions for the bidding process will be sent out before then. Additional employers will be added throughout the summer, so please keep checking back.

In the meantime, please note these important dates:

Session 1:
Student Application Deadline: August 24
Employer Interview Selection Deadline: August 31
Interviews: September 7 - September 10

Session 2:
Student Application Deadline: August 31
Employer Interview Selection Deadline: September 7
Interviews: September 13 - September 17

Session 3:
Student Application Deadline: September 7
Employer Interview Selection Deadline: September 14
Interviews: September 20 - October 1

Please direct any questions to Emily von Seele.