Monday, August 31, 2009

Upcoming 2L Government Honors Deadlines

  • Dept. of State, Office of Legal Adviser (Civil) – Summer Intern Program (Paid, Apply NOW though final deadline is 9/30/09)
  • Dept. of Homeland Security – ICE, Office of the Principal Legal Advisor San Francisco Legal Intern Program for Spring (Paid, Not Yet Established, Previously Sept.)
  • Office of the District Attorney Denver, CO – Legal Internship Program for Spring (Unpaid, Due 09/06/09)
  • Dept. of Justice – Summer Law Intern Program (SLIP) (Paid, Due 09/08/09)
  • Attorney General of Washington – Summer Law Clerk Program (Paid, Not Yet Established, Previously 09/05/08)
There are 39 federal and 15 state and local programs that will be filled as soon as ideal candidates are identified. Get your applications in early for these employers! For a list of these programs, see the top of Table 3 – 2L Programs Sorted by Deadline.

Details of these programs are provided in the 2009-10 Government Honors & Internship Handbook. Please email Emily von Seele for the password.