Monday, March 11, 2013

SAVE THE DATE: Judicial Clerkship Program Information Meeting

We're glad so many students had the opportunity to observe the Washington Court of Appeals - Division I this morning as they held oral argument here in the law school's courtroom.
For those of you coming away from the experience with fresh excitement to apply for a post-graduate judicial clerkship, please be sure to attend one of the two judicial clerkship program information meetings:
April 3 at noon - law school courtroom
April 9 at 5:00 pm - C5
We did our absolute best to avoid conflicts with class schedules when choosing dates for the meetings, but if you have a class conflict, please let Erin Fullner know; CPD will work to schedule a make-up session for any folks who couldn't make one of the two meetings because of school. This meeting is MANDATORY in order to apply for clerkships through the judicial clerkship program.
At the clerkship program info meeting you'll get your clerkship application handbook, learn some of the ins and outs of the intricate clerkship application process, have the opportunity to join the clerkship listserv, and hear from a panel of alumni clerks.
If you're not sure if a clerkship is right for you, attend the meeting to learn a bit more. If you're an especially strong writer, a judicial clerkship could be a great fit for you.
A word of clarification: Judicial clerkships are different from judicial externships. While externships are student positions where you can earn class credit by working for a judge, clerkships are post-graduate, paid positions. Usually lasting one to two years and done during the first year or two after graduation from law school. Clerkship applications sent out this spring/summer (2013) will be for positions that begin in the fall of 2014. So 2Ls in particular are encouraged to apply this season. 3 and 4Ls are also welcome to attend the info meeting and apply. 1Ls, feel free to schedule an appointment with Erin Fullner to get preliminary information about the judicial clerkship process, but you'll attend the info meeting and apply for positions next year.